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18. The Divided Kingdom

11 1Ki 03 07 RG.jpg After David died, his son Solomon began to rule. God spoke to Solomon and asked him what he wanted most. When Solomon asked for wisdom, God was pleased and made him the wisest man in the world. God also made him very wealthy.

11 1Ki 09 01 RG.jpg In Jerusalem, Solomon built the Temple for which his father David had planned and gathered materials. Instead of the Tent of Meeting, people now worshiped God and offered sacrifices to Him in the Temple. God came and was present in the Temple, and He lived there with His people.

11 1Ki 11 02 RG.jpg But Solomon loved women from other countries. He disobeyed God by marrying many women, almost 1,000 of them! Many of these women came from foreign countries and brought their gods with them and worshiped them. When Solomon was old, he worshiped their gods.

11 1Ki 11 03 RG.jpg God was angry with Solomon and, as a punishment for Solomon's unfaithfulness, said He would divide the kingdom of Israel in two after Solomon's death.

11 1Ki 12 03 RG.jpg After Solomon died, his son, Rehoboam, became king. Rehoboam was a foolish man. All the people of Israel came together to confirm him as king. They also complained that Solomon had made them do a lot of hard work and pay a lot of taxes.

11 1Ki 12 04 RG.jpg Rehoboam answered foolishly and told them, "You thought my father Solomon made you work hard, but I will make you work harder than he did, and I will punish you worse than he did."

11 1Ki 12 05 RG.jpg Ten of the tribes of Israel rebelled against Rehoboam. Only two tribes remained faithful to him. These two tribes were called the kingdom of Judah.

11 1Ki 12 06 RG.jpg The other ten tribes that rebelled against Rehoboam made a man named Jeroboam their king. They were called the kingdom of Israel.

11 1Ki 12 07 RG.jpg Jeroboam rebelled against God and caused the people to sin. He built two idols for his people to worship instead of worshiping God at the Temple in the kingdom of Judah.

13 1Ch 19 06 RG.jpg The kingdoms of Judah and Israel became enemies and often fought against each other.

13 1Ch 24 03 RG.jpg In the kingdom of Israel, all the kings were evil. Many of these kings were killed by other Israelites who wanted to become king in their place.

12 2Ki 17 05 RG.jpg All of the kings of Israel and most of the people worshiped idols which often included adultery and sometimes even child sacrifice.

11 1Ki 14 04 RG.jpg The kings of Judah were descendants of David. Some of these kings were good men who ruled justly and worshiped God. But most of Judah's kings were evil, corrupt, and idol-worshipers. Some of the kings even sacrificed their children to false gods. The people of Judah also rebelled against God and worshiped other gods.


A Bible story from: 1 Kings 1-6; 11-12